Unless he is a prisoner of his own world and environment, every human being is offered different paths and choices to follow. These paths are more or less direct, open or constricted. However, in our search for greater universality, they may lead us to an elevation of our spirit and increase our level of awareness beyond the narrow confines of our civilization.

ANNJA's work is about Life, in fact, the three stages of mankind's quest to reach its destiny and immortality. At center stage are Man and Woman and their fascinating journey towards spiritual union and oneness with the universe.

First Phase – A Celebration of Life

ANNJA evokes the first stirrings of life, the struggle for survival and the primeval search for love and communion. She then continues to lead us through the boundless energy of adolescence, the ritual of courtship and the passion of love in a delicate balance of feelings and sensuality.

Second Phase – Reaching Out from Within

ANNJA explores the inner impulses and driving forces which shape our lives, with the exterior forms merely serving as a medium for the message being conveyed. The sensuality and playful abandon of adolescence now give way to bolder and more purposeful forms which seem ready to defend their territory while engaging in mankind's eternal struggle for harmony and equilibrium.

Third Phase – Spirituality and Cosmic Awareness

Going beyond the evolutionary and formative stages of our lives, ANNJA takes us on a journey to the Third Dimension where Man and Woman experience a fusion of body and soul and find spiritual oneness between themselves and with the universe.

Elements of life are evident in my work: the life cell, the foetus, the union of Yin and Yang, all common to the origin of life in their synergy, but also the Unity and the Harmony in their plurality.