ANNJA is a French sculptor of unusual talent and sensitivity whose work rarely fails to move and inspire. Human longings and passions are evoked with style and eloquence, yet with an underlying message which is both penetrating and captivating in its candor. From the microscopic world of life's first stirrings to the struggle for harmony and equilibrium and on to the spiritual plane of cosmic dimensions, ANNJA's work explores the inner impulses and driving forces which shape our existence.

ANNJA's early work was influenced through extensive travels throughout the world which retraced the cultural legacy of ancient civilizations. Her current work derived its inspiration from the almost otherworldly beauty of Arizona's vast desert expanse. It represents a mid-life plateau of sorts which has synthesized the turmoil, struggle and driving forces of her Second Phase which, in turn,  had absorbed her exuberant First Phase with its more physical, playful and sensual "celebration of life" style.

ANNJA divides her time equally between her studios in Southern France and Scottsdale to keep up with a growing international clientele which shares her enthusiasm, her hope and spirituality.

ANNJA on her art:

My sculptures express my fundamental belief in the humanity and its future. For me, the essential human longing is to achieve harmony and spiritual fulfillment. This always entails a struggle during which the vital equilibrium often risks to be compromised. My work conveys these sentiments through bold and powerful forms seeking resolution and thrusting upwards as if to unite and conquer the hereafter. A spirit resides in these forms which seems to erupt with the force and urgency of a tremor. This is a quest for both hope and the absolute.